Deb Werndly

Clinical Resource Therapist

Inspired by my fascination with human behaviour, I started Resource Therapy Perth in 2022.  As a qualified Clinical Resource Therapist, as well as certified Mindscape & Hypnosis Coach, I have spent many years developing skills in communication and understanding what makes people tick.


Growing up in a dysfunctional household, I have had personal life experience of the challenges that can be faced when the right tools to cope with internal and external conflicts do not exist. This has influenced my drive to help others. I am passionate about a collaborative approach with my clients, to solve personal issues that keep them stuck and feeling unhappy. 


I work mainly with women and teen girls to overcome anxiety and stress, body image issues to help increase self-worth, attract healthy relationships and acquire career motivation. 


Having experienced the benefits of Resource Therapy first-hand with the master himself, Prof Gordon Emmerson, I felt this therapy technique should be easily available to everybody. I see clients mainly online via Zoom for total privacy and ease, and to accommodate those clients affected by covid restrictions. 


I reside in Perth on the West Coast of Australia with my amazing husband and four lovely daughters. I spend my days with family, friends and my wonderful clients, and enjoy the simple pleasures of coastal living.