What is Resource Therapy?

Resource Therapy is a quick and powerful technique to help you act and feel more resourceful and harmonious in your life.

Resource Therapy is different to other techniques such as Cognitive based therapy (CBT), Behaviour therapy, Interpersonal therapy (ITP), Mindfullness-based cognitive therapy. (MBCT).

Resource Therapy is an empowering psychotherapy based on the understanding that the personality is composed of parts. The part that presents an issue in therapy is seldom the part that needs change therefore, therapy is often not as effective as it could be.

The presenting part that turns up for therapy is usually reporting or complaining about another part of themselves. Eg. the part that get's anxious, or the part that cannot stop eating sugary food isn't the part that seeks therapy - it's the part that wants to be calmer or healthier that seeks help. Have you even thought - "I should do some exercise" only to have another part of you say, "It's been a long day, I should just relax on the couch instead".

The Resource Therapist is able to skilfully bring the part of the personality that needs change to the surface and into the therapeutic process; to speak with it compassionately and respectfully so that it can be worked with directly. Resource Therapy facilitates a quicker, deeper, and longer lasting change when the right part is understood and addressed properly.

Resource Therapy was developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson as a clinical evolution of his knowledge of Ego State Therapy, cognitive psychology, hypnosis and client experience. View the video below to learn about this powerful yet simple therapy. To learn more about the neuroscience behind Resource Therapy, click here.