Resource Mapping

Personal Development with Resource Therapy

Knowing our multi-level parts or resources can benefit our personal development in several ways. Some of the benefits include:

1. We can safely experience the emotional depths of childhood, regardless of our age.

2. We can feel love.

3. We can become assertive at appropriate times.

4. We can be angry at appropriate times.

5. We can be confident in speaking.

6. We can face criticism without feeling abused.

7. We can be our logical self when it is appropriate.

8. We can be our party self when it is appropriate.

9. We can experience better physical health.

How do we learn about our Resource states?

Resource mapping will probably never result in all Resources being mapped or known, however it can uncover the most common resources for an individual. Most of the surface states, the states that often become Conscious, and some underlying states may be mapped in a single session. A single session of Resource Mapping will generally result in the client and the therapist becoming familiar with 5 to 15 states. Becoming familiar with this number of states, especially with common surface states, can be extremely enriching. 

Below is a very basic example of a resource map and the different relationships of the various resources.  If you are interested in understanding your own resource map, click the link below.